Marché de Créateurs – Dec 9th & 10th

If you’re wondering what to do in Paris this weekend AND fancy crossing a few things off of your holiday shopping list – read on!

As much as I love to Christmas shop, I am not all that good at it. I always have these big dreams that I’m going to get people an incredible gift that blows them away only to then realize it’s sold out, or way more expensive than I anticipated, or it’s the night before Christmas so I end up settling with another gift that is fine but ultimately not what I planned. I also am a huge procrastinator, so when it comes to getting things done early (like trying to order or find the aforementioned incredible gift) I can’t seem to get my life together enough to start before December 20th.

This year, however, will be different (she says for the 5th year in a row). But this year there is hope because through the Rising Tide Society, I have been in contact with one of the organizers of the Team Etsy Petit Paris group who told me about les Créatifs Parisiens.

Les Créatifs Parisiens are a group of Parisian creatives who are taking part in a Marché de Créateurs this upcoming weekend, just in time for the Christmas shopping season. It’s a full weekend of shopping with over 80 different creatives- it’s a combination of 4 different teams of Parisian artists collaborating to create one perfect shopping experience. RIGHT?

The Marché de Créateurs will be this Saturday and Sunday, December 9th and 10th, from 10am to 8pm Saturday and 10am to 7pm Sunday at the 33 rue La Fayette 75009 Paris. Métro : Chaussée d’Antin La Fayette (lines 9 & 7), Notre-Dame-de-Lorette (line 12), Le Peletier (line 7) et Richelieu-Drouot (lines 8 & 9)

Can’t make it? The good news is, all of the creatives who will be showcased have Etsy stores! Below is a link to the complete list of participants as well as a few links to stores that I particularly love.

This is the answer to every Christmas shopping procrastinators dream – 80 different artists all in one place, creating one of a kind, unique pieces that will be PERFECT gifts for friends and family back home and they have something for literally everyone, children’s clothes, home decor, jewelry, men’s accessories, women’s fashion and more.

So, I looked at the Etsy stores of all 80 créateurs and I’m not kidding when I say that it was HARD to narrow down the list of things I want for friends/family and let me be quite honest, myself. But nevertheless, I persisted.


Here are a few of the créateurs that will be taking part this year and a few of my “coups de coeur” basically, what I hope is waiting for me under the tree.

Kraftille – personalized rubber stamps, I can already see myself stamping these peonies on everything in my home.

Kraftille Rubber Peony Stamp

Alicia Andrei – graphic colorful jewelry and illustrations. Get these earrings in my ears.


Lunaticart – minimalist and modern jewelry all handmade in her studio in Paris. I am dying and dead and buried over these earring jackets.


La Parisienne du Turban – Headbands, hair wraps, turbans. I just picture myself in one of these on a bike riding through Paris in the spring with a baguette under my arm. You can see it too, non?


Authenticnordic– Homemade nordic inspired decor. Why isn’t this wreath hanging on my door right now?


ChaleurUrbaine – The most adorable porcelain mugs, sconces, spoons, LOOK AT THIS PINK TEAPOT WITH SWALLOWS ON IT.


OrganicCocoon  – Okay so candles are always a safe gift but HOLY MOTHER, look at these beautiful candles. Like, BEAUTIFUL. My pick is a DIY kit, because obviously BUT any of these candles are welcome in my home.


Lenocip – pretty and graphic handbags, so feminine, so chic, so easy to fit in a suitcase – want in every color.


MydearClaude – adorable bags and detachable peter pan collars for all your outfits. The fact that I don’t already own this navy blue lace collar is painful to me.


Atelierstudio10 – custom rubber stamps for save-the-dates/wedding invites/thank you cards/your bougie self who wants to have your own custom rubber stamp. HEAVEN.


Like I said, I checked out all 80 vendors and there were incredible things around every corner. You should definitely check out the marché if you’re in Paris this weekend and if not, be sure to check out the incredible créateurs on their respective Etsy pages, clickable through all photos in this blog- also, just so you know, I am receiving zero payment or benefit from writing this article – I just thought it sounds like the perfect event and I want to help get the word out!

Let me know if you go!

Happy Shopping!


Presque Perfection




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Presque Perfection

Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm a 29-year-old American living abroad in Paris, France! When I was 24, I packed my bags and moved to Paris with $200 in my pocket and I immediately fell in love with the city of lights. I now work as an English teacher and a freelance translator and spend my spare time traveling, creating things, and perfecting the art of the "happy hour" with my besties.

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