An American in Paris

My friend over at Moonlit Wing is currently featuring a series of guest bloggers and she recently asked me to write a little something about Paris.

She gave me carte blanche to really take the post wherever I wanted to and what I ended up writing is one of my favorite things that I’ve written so far about life abroad.

Check out my post here and be sure to follow Moonlit Wing on Instagram




selfie in paris (1 of 1)
Just an American, living her best life in Paris & documenting with a selfie. Of course.




Presque Perfection

Published by

Presque Perfection

Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm a 29-year-old American living abroad in Paris, France! When I was 24, I packed my bags and moved to Paris with $200 in my pocket and I immediately fell in love with the city of lights. I now work as an English teacher and a freelance translator and spend my spare time traveling, creating things, and perfecting the art of the "happy hour" with my besties.

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