All My Friends Are Dead – pt.1 Bachelorette Party in Sawyer, Michigan

Back in Bloomington during my senior year, I lived in a house with 8 girls. It was so filthy and obscene that it was affectionately (and appropriately) called the Big Nasty. The house was crooked, had two kitchens, was also home to fleas and I think a mouse, had a wifi network called ‘the frathounds’ and was next door to a half-way house. Despite all of this, it is also home to some of my best and worst college memories. We had strangers wandering the halls, Jimmy John’s sandwiches covered in ants in our front yard, a Gumby costume that made its way out during special events, a big couch that was perfect for snuggling and 5,000 hot dogs filling the freezers. It has been 6 years since we lived in the Big Nasty and our first roommate got married this past weekend.

While I didn’t make it home for the wedding, I was lucky enough to be in the states for her Bachelorette party which was hosted in Sawyer, Michigan over Labor Day Weekend. I had never heard of Sawyer, Michigan until a few months ago. Part of that is because I’m from Indiana and we are bred to hate the surrounding states with a white hot fire, so I just assumed that all of Michigan was Ann Arbor and East Lansing and that it all sucked. Sue me.

When I agreed to attend the bachelorette party, I knew that I was in for an amazing weekend with the Nasties, and while I had no idea what there even was in Michigan, I was ready. I packed two bottles of Pedialyte (purple and pink) and hit the road.

What is there to do for a bachelorette party in Sawyer, Michigan, you ask?

The bride and her sister rented an airbnb that they expertly decorated with plenty of adorable and hilarious bachelorette things from Etsy and we all got there late Friday. The first night involved a lot of hugging, catching up and casual drinks on the patio as is to be expected when you haven’t seen your friends in at least 4 years. We also had an accidental picture frame breaking incident, which turns out, wasn’t our fault at all, but caused us quite a panic.

Saturday, we woke up to a really cute mimosa bar, again, thank you Maid of Honor Sister, and got ready to go an all-inclusive winery tour coach with Harbor Country Adventures that we quickly turned into an aggressive party-bus. Our bus driver was awesome, he helped us get great pictures, let me borrow his sunglasses, helped us buy wine, made sure we didn’t lose anything and basically babysat us all day. 10/10 would recommend.

We stopped at two wineries and had a fantastic lunch at the third location which we desperately needed before our third and final tasting (buying two bottles of wine and laying in the grass).

1. Lemon Creek Winery 

First on our Michigan winery tour was Lemon Creek Winery. The wine here was really nice and the views were lovely. We got a free wine glass to take home and there was an adorable lab who wasn’t really into being pet, although we tried. A lot.

Inside Lemon Creek’s Tasting Room
Borrow our driver’s very cool Oakley’s to fit in with all my friends who didn’t break their sunglasses in Bloomington two days before.

2. Hickory Creek Winery

The second stop on our bachelorette winery tour was the home of a very good boy who let us pet him, but only for treats. We didn’t mind so much because they also had a lot of wine. We had a variety of delicious tastings, including an apple wine that I ended up buying a bottle of, only to lose the following weekend in Nashville. RIP.

This is probably the last normal photo we took.
No one would let us go into the field, although I tried. What a bunch of weirdos.
Barrels at Hickory Creek Winery

3. Round Barn Winery

By the time we got to Round Barn, we desperately needed food. Luckily for us, Round Barn Winery’s lunch menu did not disappoint. The veggie burger that we had was so good, (and we had had so much wine ?) that we practically begged for the recipe and to speak with the chef. We got both, so we are the real winners. I made them yesterday and they weren’t as good because I didn’t make them with the same love, but they were still delicious. We then ended up grabbing a couple of bottles of wine and sitting outside in the sunshine and enjoying the day. Round Barn was THE place to be that day, I don’t know if it was because it was Labor Day weekend, but it was full of people enjoying themselves, including us, probably a little too much.

(Sorry there is no picture of Round Barn here. I do not have a single photo from there that is appropriate so I’m going to double up and give you a good selfie from Hickory Creek.)

After our Winery Tour of Michigan, we got dropped off back at our Airbnb to rest and eat pizza before going out. We went to a distillery where the bride-to-be forgot her ID, and then out to another bar for dancing that was essentially uneventful but included SOME loud mouth deciding to tell a guy that she knew he was a Michigan student because he looked like such a tool (it was me, old habits).

Sunday we woke up feeling a little worse for the wear – but I had my trusty Pedialyte. (Pro tip: Don’t buy the pink; it tastes like medicine. Purple is okay.) We spent some time rehydrating and then piled all 8 of us into my Ford Escape and drove to the beach for some sun.

Turns out Lake Michigan is cold.

For dinner we went to a fantastic restaurant right down the street, Mesa Luna, where I ordered ribs and that were so enormous I had to take them home and eat them later. They were shared between friends and they were excellent.

Hello, gorgeous

Monday morning we all hugged each other and we went on our way. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the weekend in Sawyer, Michigan. I always assumed the worst about Michigan for various (football and big ten sport related; see here) reasons but ultimately it was great. I might even consider going back.



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