All My Friends Are Dead – pt.1 Bachelorette Party in Sawyer, Michigan

Back in Bloomington during my senior year, I lived in a house with 8 girls. It was so filthy and obscene that it was affectionately (and appropriately) called the Big Nasty. The house was crooked, had two kitchens, was also home to fleas and I think a mouse, had a wifi network called ‘the frathounds’ and was next door to a half-way house. Despite all of this, it is also home to some of my best and worst college memories. We had strangers wandering the halls, Jimmy John’s sandwiches covered in ants in our front yard, a Gumby costume that made its way out during special events, a big couch that was perfect for snuggling and 5,000 hot dogs filling the freezers. It has been 6 years since we lived in the Big Nasty and our first roommate got married this past weekend.

While I didn’t make it home for the wedding, I was lucky enough to be in the states for her Bachelorette party which was hosted in Sawyer, Michigan over Labor Day Weekend.  Continue reading “All My Friends Are Dead – pt.1 Bachelorette Party in Sawyer, Michigan”