Venice, Italy – Part 1 – Canals

I don’t think it would come as a shock to many of you that I am not the most organized person. I tend to enjoy a good bit of chaos in my life, much to the annoyance of the people closest to me. However, it makes me a very laid back traveler. I usually have very low expectations and a strangely high tolerance for wandering foreign cities with no plans on the horizon.

Venice was perfect in that respect.

For starters, the entire trip to Venice was a surprise from my very thoughtful and oddly mysterious boyfriend for my birthday. I had no clue where we were going until the night before we left. All I was told was that we were going on a trip, and I was told what the weather would be like in our destination; because, well, a lady has to pack (usually, the night before, around 3 am, in a 20-minute rush before bed, because of the aforementioned propensity towards chaos).

Venice has been a bucket list location for me ever since I ran into this article, 10 Places to go Before They’re Gone along with the other 9 locations, of course. Knowing very little about what there even was to do in Venice in mid-February and armed with my passport and a pink duffel bag full of oversized tops (enough room for the pasta, pizza, etc.) I got on the airplane.

Sometimes, when you travel, you get off the airplane and you’re like… oh. This… is just another dirty European city. Venice was not like that. Although Venice was probably, in reality, just as dirty as the rest of the cities that I have been to, for some reason, it still felt like walking a movie set. It felt fake in the best way.

This first photo series will be simply: the canals.

The first photo I took in Venice. It was too easy to take amazing photos. Borgolocco San Lorenzo
Every corner you turn was just another beautiful canal
Calle Castagna


A ‘gondoliere’ using his foot to help steer his gondola


A breathtaking sunset from the Ponte di Rialto
The last picture I took in Venezia. A foggy, rainy, and sad day

Honestly, as I was going through my photos, I had too many for one post. Plus, continuing to look at them made me sad because I was no longer there so I will leave you with these gorgeous canal photos and save the rest of Venezia for another day.



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